OverviewV-Play Plugins Supportadmob plugin wont work › Reply To: admob plugin wont work

OverviewV-Play Plugins Supportadmob plugin wont work › Reply To: admob plugin wont work

V-Play Team

Hi Vladest,

sorry for the delay, let’s try to get some structure into the problems:

vladest said:

also, regarding this row of code (taken from examples):

banner: typeof(isSupportedPlatform) === "undefined" ? AdMobBanner.Smart : 0


this means if property isSupportedPlatform is not defined, then banner type is AdMobBanner.Smart?

Under android this property is defined

is this wrong code or I didnt catch the idea?


This code seems kind of wrong, could you please tell us from which example you copied it?


vladest said:

I’ve deleted both V-Play 1.x and 2.x from the system and reinstal V-Play 2.x and plugins

now I’ve got the following in logcat:

D/AdMobBannerItem(22112): init plugin item: AdMobBannerItem
D/AdMobInterstitialItem(22112): init plugin item: AdMobInterstitialItem
D/AdMobBannerItem(22112): bannerChanged() called
D/AdMobBannerItem(22112): bannerChanged() called
D/AdMobInterstitialItem(22112): loadInterstitial() called
D/AdMobInterstitialItem(22112): Load interstitial...
D/AdMobInterstitialItem(22112): Interstitial failed: 3


Are you trying to port an existing V-Play 1.x game to V-Play 2.0 or are you starting a new project? Are you using your own AdMob adUnitId or re-using an old publisherId?



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