OverviewV-Play 2 Support (Qt 5)audioManager broken… › Reply To: audioManager broken…

OverviewV-Play 2 Support (Qt 5)audioManager broken… › Reply To: audioManager broken…

V-Play Team

Hi Cho!

Unfortunately this a known issue of the current Qt audio components, so we can’t really do anything about this.
These are the workarounds we usually use when encountering this problem:

  • The SoundEffectVPlay component is based on the QML SoundEffect type. Sometimes the QML Audio type works a bit better, although it is not made for fast/immediate playback of sound effects.
  • One thing that helps most of the time is to generally keep audio items to a minimum / reuse them whenever possible. E.g. do not add an item to every coin, but use only one global “coinSound” item (e.g. in the scene/gamewindow or a special audio component that handles all sounds).
  • We sometimes also reuse the audio items for multiple sounds. Only use 5 sound items. Whenever a sound should be played, choose one of them that is currently not used for the playback.



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