• feature2

    Release 2.10.0: New App Showcase, Multiplayer & Multi-Language Improvements, Qt 5.8

    By Christian February 2, 2017

    V-Play 2.10.0 is here and it includes all the new features of Qt 5.8, as well as Qt Creator 4.2. It adds a new Showcase App which combines all V-Play app demos in one application. It includes some of the most common app components used today and you can access it’s full source code from your V-Play installation. You can …

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  • feature

    Introducing V-Play’s Alternatives to the Parse Push Service

    By Michael June 1, 2016

    Since the announcement concerning the retirement of Parse’s Push notification service, we’ve been looking at a long list of alternatives. For mobile developers and publishers, push notifications are now considered an essential tool for engaging and retaining users. It was important for us to find a replacement that could match the feature set of Parse’s Push Notifications and make migration …

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  • v-play 2.8.4 feature

    Release 2.8.4: Google Cloud Messaging Integration & Game Engine Improvements

    By Michael May 26, 2016

    V-Play 2.8.4 is out now as a free update for all V-Play users. A highlight of this update is the addition of the Google Cloud Messaging Plugin to V-Play Plugins. The Google Cloud Messaging Plugin is another alternative to the retiring Parse service and is available with the V-Play Indie and Enterprise Licenses. Get the latest version of V-Play and …

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  • Feature Draft

    How to Integrate V-Play Plugins: The Quick Guide

    By Michael May 12, 2016

    V-Play Plugins are the best way to improve your mobile app or game. The range includes tools for monetization, gathering analytics, and increasing user engagement and retention. V-Play Plugins have been available since V-Play 1.0 but the latest version of V-Play offers an updated approach to plugin integration. It’s always been simple to add V-Play Plugins to apps and games. …

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  • feature

    Release 2.8.3: New V-Play Game Center Plugin and Bug Fixes

    By Michael May 4, 2016

    V-Play 2.8.3 is now available for download and as a free update to all V-Play users. This update introduces the new V-Play Game Center Plugin and a number of minor bug fixes. The V-Play Game Center Plugin is included in the V-Play Indie License and is the perfect extension to the V-Play GameNetwork. Update Now! If you’re not an existing …

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  • Chicken Outbreak 2 - Falldown game by V-Play

    Update 2.4.2: New Action & Falldown Game Samples, License Update

    By Christian June 11, 2015

    The new V-Play update 2.4.2 adds two more sample games: the falldown game Chicken Outbreak 2 and the action game Crazy Carousel. Both games are included with full source code in the free V-Play SDK, and help you to learn V-Play faster. You can also use the games as a foundation for your own game. See below how to run …

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  • qt-google-analytics-launch

    Improve Your Cross-Platform Apps & Games with the New Google Analytics Qt Plugin

    By Christian May 21, 2015

    The new Google Analytics Qt Plugin allows you to improve your app or game with insights how your users are using your app. You get live data how often users open your app, how long they use it and how often they return (retention). It also gives you insights into your app’s audience. This includes information about the platform and …

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  • HockeyApp V-Play

    Beta Distribution For Mobile Qt Apps & V-Play Games with HockeyApp & V-Play

    By Alex March 25, 2015

    Testing your mobile game or app before releasing it to the app stores is a crucial task. Not only to find bugs but also to test the app’s user experience, balancing settings or just its long-term fun factor. Cause of this we are happy to introduce a new plugin for beta testing your apps: V-Play Qt 5 HockeyApp Plugin This …

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  • local-notifications

    Qt 5 Push Notifications with V-Play’s Parse Push Plugin

    By Alex March 13, 2015

    Push Notifications are a great way to engage with your users. Earlier last year we released our Local Notifications Plugin. The plugin is great for time-triggered actions, especially for timer-based applications. Local notifications however are not working out when you need logic controlled outside of your apps, like it’s done for social games and social networks. Thus we are happy …

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  • Update 2.3.1: V-Play Qt 5 Plugin Import Changes, RayCast Support

    By Christian January 13, 2015

    V-Play version 2.3.1 is the first update in 2015 – we’re happy to start the New Year with these new features: Change of Import Path for V-Play Qt 5 Plugins Due to internal changes in Qt 5.4, we had to change the import path of the V-Play Qt Plugins. As a customer of the V-Play Indie License or above, you …

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