• v-play-tutorial-firebase-realtime-database-and-login-shopping-list-app

    Firebase Tutorial Android & iOS: Create an App with Realtime Database and Login

    By Alex November 22, 2018

    Mobile apps need a backend. They store settings & data, high scores, check licenses and generate statistics. All these use cases have one thing in common: they use a central database. Coding a full-blown backend takes a lot of time. Think about end-to-end security, communication interfaces and database structure. When you then get to details like concurrent access, it gets …

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  • Qt AR: Why and How to Add Augmented Reality to Your Mobile App

    Qt AR: Why and How to Add Augmented Reality to Your Mobile App

    By GT August 21, 2018

    Improved AR capabilities for mobile platforms are one of the biggest trends of 2018. Apps with AR features like Yelp, Google Translate or Pokémon GO are only the beginning. Augmented reality allows to create innovative user experiences that support your brand. Mobile AR is on the Rise! Why? Differences between VR and AR Advantages of Immersive Experiences in Mobile Apps …

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  • vplay-2-17-1-qt-3d-plugin-doc-live-reloading-and-more

    Release 2.17.1: Use Qt 3D with Live Reloading and Test Plugin Code Examples from Browser

    By Alex July 17, 2018

    V-Play 2.17.1 adds a long list of improvements and fixes. You can now also use 3D components with live code reloading in your apps and games. The plugin documentation now includes the example run button. Use it to test code examples for ads, Firebase and more from the browser on your mobile device. You can also learn how to make …

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  • Release 2.15.0: Upgrade to Qt 5.10 & Qt Creator 4.5 | Firebase Data Structures and Queries & Many Improvements

    Release 2.15.0: Upgrade to Qt 5.10 & Qt Creator 4.5 | Firebase Data Structures and Queries & Many Improvements

    By GT January 25, 2018

    V-Play 2.15.0 adds support for Qt 5.10 and the latest Qt Creator 4.5. Qt 5.10 comes with many great features like Imagine Style for Qt Quick Controls 2 or language improvements for QML. Qt Creator 4.5 adds a new File System Navigation Tree and better support of platform tools. This update also improves the V-Play Firebase components for complex data …

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  • v-play-2-14-2-how-to-use-vplay-plugins-with-live-reloading

    Release 2.14.2: Live Code Reloading with Native Cross-Platform Plugins

    By Alex December 6, 2017

    V-Play 2.14.0 introduced V-Play Live Code Reloading, which reduces your deployment time from minutes to seconds. V-Play 2.14.2 now adds support for using native cross-platform plugins with live code reloading. 2.14.2 also adds improvements to the SocialView components and adds improvements for Navigation components. What is V-Play Live Code Reloading V-Play Live reloads your project on every connected device, within …

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  • v-play-2-14-1-live-reloading-windows-mac-linux-ios-android-qt

    Release 2.14.1: Update to Qt 5.9.3 | Use Live Code Reloading on macOS and Linux

    By Alex November 30, 2017

    V-Play 2.14.1 adds Live Code Reloading Support for macOS & Linux Desktop. With this addition, Live Code Reloading now allows to run and reload your projects on iOS and Android from all desktop platforms. No native iOS and Android build tools required. V-Play 2.14.1 also introduces the new SocialView component for adding social features like user profile, leaderboard or even …

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  • v-play-live-reloading-windows-mac-linux-ios-android-qt

    Release 2.14.0: Live Code Reloading for Desktop, iOS & Android

    By Christian November 22, 2017

    V-Play 2.14.0 adds Live Code Reloading for Desktop, iOS & Android. It allows you to run and reload apps & games within a second on iOS and Android from Windows and Linux. No Mac and Android SDKs required. It also updates the way we distribute Android & iOS updates. If you have V-Play for iOS or Android installed, make sure …

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  • V-Play 2.13.2 Release: iOS 11, Android Oreo, Qt Creator 4.4.1, Qt 5.9.2

    Release 2.13.2: Update to Qt 5.9.2 & Qt Creator 4.4.1 | Android Oreo & iOS 11 Fixes & Many Improvements

    By Christian October 24, 2017

    V-Play 2.13.2 adds support for Qt Creator 4.4.1 and Qt 5.9.2 which fixes Android deployment issues with the latest Android SDK (Android Oreo) and NDK versions and adds support for iOS 11. It also stores your previous window position and size to accelerate the development process and adds many bug fixes and improvements. Qt 5.9.2 & Qt Creator 4.4.1 Support …

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  • v-play-2-13-1-qt-creator-4-4-plugin-improvements-2

    Release 2.13.1: Qt Creator 4.4 Upgrade, Mac & Linux Improvements

    By Christian September 21, 2017

    V-Play 2.13.1 adds support for Qt Creator 4.4 and brings improvements for developers using Mac & Linux. There are also various other fixes and new improvements, for example for the Flurry and OneSignal Push Notifcation plugin. Let’s get to the details of these improvements… Qt Creator 4.4 Support QtCreator 4.4 adds many improvements, especially for developers using C++ in their …

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  • Release 2.13.0: Free Rewarded Videos & Native Ads for Google AdMob and Qt

    Release 2.13.0: Free Rewarded Videos & Native Ads for Google AdMob and Qt

    By Christian August 24, 2017

    V-Play 2.13.0 adds rewarded videos and native ads as two more ad types to the free AdMob Plugin. This allows you to better monetize your app or game and enables you to earn more revenue from your app! This update also adds support to get the phone contact list on Android & iOS and to get the phone number of …

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